Allscripts MyWay™ EHR

Allscripts MyWay™ EHR Solution Center

Designed specifically for smaller and medium sized physician practices, Allscripts MyWay will work the way you do—quick, efficient, thorough and competent.

Imagine practice management, electronic health records and claims management all seamlessly integrated into one solution. Allscripts MyWay provides everything you need to keep your practice operating at maximum efficiency utilizing the latest technology. With all of your administrative needs rolled into one, Allscripts MyWay provides a solution that is simple, complete and, most importantly, affordable.

Allscripts MyWay is easily customizable and allows you to quickly change screen preferences without having an extensive knowledge of software programming. Because of this, each person within the practice can personalize MyWay to fit their day-to-day schedules and job needs.

Allscripts MyWay has capabilities which include, but are not limited to:

ASP Hosting or On-Premise Installation

When your information is hosted on Allscripts servers, you leave the technical details in capable hands. Allscripts will deliver the applications, services and support you need with accountability and security.

Offline Synchronization

Imagine being able to work from home, a hotel room, without Internet, or anywhere in between. With Allscripts’ offline synchronization, you can still be productive even without a network connection. When you’re able to get back online, Allscripts will update all records.

Adaptive Learning

Let’s face it—you have a hectic work schedule and every minute saved for productivity is important. That’s why Allscripts’ Adaptive Learning system will learn how each individual user works on a day-to-day basis—molding and shaping to fit each workflow. This not only makes charting easier, but it saves time as well.

Intelligent Navigation

Allscripts doesn’t want to think for you—they just want to make your job easier. That’s why they provide an Intelligent Navigation system that will display relevant clinical content based upon symptoms that you input.

Template-Free Charting

With Allscripts, you won’t be restricted when it comes to what you can and cannot do. You will be able to move freely throughout the application and control the way you work.

Easy Customization

You don’t have to be an experienced programmer to customize Allscripts to fit your specific workflow. You can quickly change and customize preferences without effecting the preferences of other users within the office.

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