CallPointe Logo 2-9-12 !

No-shows cost your practice revenue, both in patient billing and in reduced staff productivity. Innovative Healthcare Solutions (IHS) is proud to be a certified CallPointe partner. The CallPointe automated messaging service has a proven track record of drastically reducing no-shows and last minute cancellations, helping you regain that lost revenue. With IHS and CallPointe, practices benefit from a completely Automated Appointment Reminder system. Our unmatched customer service helps you implement and utilize the service for maximum effectiveness.

IHS understands that everyone is looking to lower the  cost of all services within their practice. We strive to make service the most effective full-service solution in the industry.

  • Pricing discounts don’t come with a high monthly minimum
  • No additional charges for calls lasting longer than a minute
  • Charges only for completed calls– other services charge you for disconnected numbers, busy signals, no answer, etc.

Our focus is providing superior quality services for our customers, while enhancing communications between the medical practice and their patients. With thousands of medical professionals using our service you can feel confident knowing CallPointe will be here to exceed your needs.

CallPointe’s Clear Advantages:

  • Full Range of Services: Appointment reminder calls, recalls, physician appointment cancellations, no-show and collection calls.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Software: Appointment information is collected automatically through your existing scheduling software.
  • Flexible Messaging: You can use multiple messages for your practice, including unique messages for different types of appointments, locations and providers
  • Superior Customer Service: We will work with you to assess your needs and work tirelessly to meet your goals.
  • Multiple Delivery Methods: Your messages can be sent to patients by telephone, e-mail and SMS text messaging.
  • Patient Feedback: Patients can respond immediately to questions included in your messages by using a touch-tone keypad.
  • Reporting: You can view real-time reports online or receive them by fax or e-mail.
  • Multilingual: Your messages can be provided to patients in languages other than English.
  • Do Not Call Listing: You can create a “do not call” list for patients who should not receive automated calls.

For more information on CallPointe, give us a call today at 877.454.9036 or click here to email us.